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At McCabe Construction, Inc.we take great pride in every project we do. We thoroughly review the project plans with all parties involved before we even break ground. We know that the initial groundwork must be done correctly if the remainder of a project is to go smoothly. You can count McCabe Construction, Inc., Inc. to get it done right!

State and Municipal


Many State of Wisconsin agencies and municipalities have employed McCabe Construction, Inc. for their public roadway and utility projects. We meet with the municipal staff and engineers before the project to talk about conceptual ideas, regulations, and needs of the community. We have the precise grading and excavation expertise to create lasting and successful projects of all sizes.



McCabe Construction, Inc. is the expert when it comes to large scale site preparation for projects such as housing developments and industrial parks. Our excavation services include creating control systems such as drainage and retention ponds, as well. Our smooth, precise final grading will then ready the site for the next step of construction.


Construction Equipment

Leave it to McCabe Construction, Inc. to provide engineering services for all types of commercial and municipal projects. We are experienced with permitting and compliance at both state and local levels. We will review town and state codes to develop a plan that meets all applicable requirements. From permitting to site planning to environmental assessments and compliance, every aspect of the project will be thoroughly covered.


Solon Springs

You don’t always get to see the final result of our expert work! Underground excavation work is one of our specialties. We have prepared sites for both commercial and municipal underground utility work. These include septic systems, storm sewers, water mains, and more.

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